Kopublikacja is a five month workshop for typographers, layout designers and illustrators. The main idea of the project is to build the cooperation spirit to empower the creativty and the productivity of the participants. During one semester each of a three-person team, together with their mentors is working on one of fifteen short stories. There were two edition of workshops: in 2015/2016 and in 2016/2017. 

Main idea of this dynamic, animated identity was to connect three fields of graphic desing – Illustration, Lettering and Layout. We have used symbols that are used in Adobe InDesign for differentiating design elements used in the page. The message for the designers was clear – we wanted them to mix one way or another, to experiment and to get to the best possible results of those three fields coming together.

Same idea was developed in second edition ID. We put elements from first edtion on three-point perspective grid to add 3 demension into all the graphics. There is a script to generate animation or random combinations of elements. A number of possible combinations is huge.

Obszar roboczy 6.png