Zeccer is a startup based in Wroclaw Poland that develops a new service for students - free printing. With usage of webpage and smartphone application students can upload files to the zeccers servers and print for free on one of printers that are located in the city - on campuses, dorms and shopping malls. The service is free thanks to small advertisments that are printed on pages. Students have also an option to make very cheap prints without advertising if they prefer.



Inspirations, from left to right: isometry, typesetting, z letter. 
In polish word "zecer" means typesetter. Flipped letter Z, just like in metal types, and isometry, widly used in instructions and guides for printing machines creates a meaningfull base for whole identity.

We create a symbol, that is both abstract flat icon, but also can be interpetate as a 3d object in isometric perspective.  

We decided to use well-known color palette: CMY. It gives clear connection between printing process and service. However there are some problems with this set of colors, for instance very light yellow, which can't be used on white background. We changed colors slightly (left box), but the connection is still clear. 

With use of our color palette and isometric perspective, we created unique style for illustration, with huge variety of items and themes. It's also very easy to animate them and create fancy and meaningfull motion. 

Mobile App 

App was designed for 3 diffrent OS: iOS (which is shown uphere), Android and Windows Phone. 

Android App

Windows Phone app


Set of icons used on website and app. in rows from up to down: tab icons, printing setup icons, file types, action buttons icons.


Website is a easiest way to upload many files from computer to zeccer. Together with a app creates a core of the service. Every page have own, theme-specific illustrations on sides.

zeccer boczki-25.png

Printer cover

Next big challenge was designing a printer cover. Zeccer's printer are located in popular spots across the city: on campuses, dorms and shopping malls. Covers are necessary to protect printer, but also to give it more interesting look, and give them characteristic which helps to find them in the area. 

We used same blue pin that you see in app on "choose printer" view. That gives strong connection between mobile app and hardware.